Centific proudly welcomes Shiva Jayaraman into the role of Chief Growth Officer

Celebrating a new addition to the Centific team
Shiva Jayaraman, Chief Growth Officer

Centific was founded in 2020 in Seattle at the forefront of the AI boom. In the four short years since, Centific has become a leader in generative AI (GenAI), with rich experiences working with Magnificent Seven companies like Microsoft and Apple to build and train foundational LLMs through data services, RLHF, RAG, red teaming, and safe AI governance.

As we enter our next hypergrowth cycle, we’re thrilled to appoint Shiva Jayaraman as our new Chief Growth Officer (CGO). Shiva’s appointment will serve to expand our GenAI initiatives with innovators and help industries as they begin applying GenAI at scale to unlock value through zero distance innovation.

Shiva, known for his outside-the-box thinking and extensive experience upscaling enterprises across multiple geographies, brings a wealth of knowledge, a fresh perspective, and a growth mindset to our team. His ability to connect diverse ideas and perspectives will fuel our collective efforts to push the boundaries of GenAI with our customers, partners, advisors, and growth ecosystem.

“I break things down to build them back better,” Shiva said, when asked about his vision for this role. “I’m a disruptor. I’m a builder. But people always come first.” He emphasizes the importance of a people-first mentality when looking to make an impact on a 4,000-person-strong company like Centific.

Our applied GenAI work with industry customers—including home improvement retailers, coffee chains, CPG companies, and logistics firms—has already begun to build significant momentum. Looking ahead to 2025, Shiva will continue to capitalize on this demand and drive Centific to the next phase of parabolic growth.