GRC Benefits Delivered

  • Understand Your Return on Investment

    Understand the return on investment and total cost of ownership of GRC. Make more informed decisions regarding your investment in GRC technologies and processes.

  • Protect Yourself Globally

    Design comprehensive data protection and privacy policies by working with us to manage myriad requirements ranging from confirming data sources to identifying sensitive information types. Ensure that sensitive information is appropriately classified, and regulatory compliance is achieved across different geographies.

  • Manage Risk

    Develop data loss prevention policies, label policies, retention policies, and regulatory enforcement globally. Assess risks with precise scoring, and implement effective mitigation plans to address identified vulnerabilities and compliance gaps.

  • Evolve as GRC Evolves

    Adapt to new threats, regulatory changes, and organizational growth with our framework. Drive continuous improvement in GRC practices through case investigation, incident management, optimization, and governance activities. Be equipped to categorize risk; block foreign adversaries; prioritize the protection of national security; respond to privacy regulations; monitor for data breaches; classify user data controls; and more.

Centific’s GRC Capabilities

Enterprise Risk Management

Proactively identify, assess, and mitigate enterprise risks.

Third-Party Risk Assessment

Evaluate and manage risks with external partners.

Audit Management

Automate workflows for efficient, accurate audit processes.

Document Management

Securely store, manage, and track essential documents.

Reporting & Analytics

Gain insights to improve your risk/compliance posture.

Regulatory Compliance

Navigate and adhere to complex regulatory requirements.

Cloud Risk & Compliance

Ensure security and compliance in cloud operations.

Cybersecurity Risk and Compliance

Defend against cyber threats and ensure compliance.

System and Organization Controls (SOC)

Gain SOC certifications to boost stakeholder trust.

Risk Management Process Automation

Streamline risk management with automation tools.

Industries We Serve

Why Centific?



We ensure that our clients safeguard themselves amid an always-changing GRC landscape. We apply generative AI to get the pulse of changing regulatory requirements, rapidly evolving market conditions, and their impact on GRC. Our Generative AI platform integrates with solutions such as Microsoft Purview to score data, assess how compliant it is, and adapt GRC policies as needed.

Deep Domain Knowledge

Deep Domain Knowledge

Our team possesses strong expertise in various aspects of GRC ranging from the regulatory landscape to risk management frameworks.

Tested Framework

Tested Framework

Our proven framework ensures that all clients consistently receive highest-quality work based on best practices.

Vertical Market Expertise

Vertical Market Expertise

We understand the myriad nuances of GRC specific to different industries ranging from financial services to healthcare.

Strong Partnerships

Strong Partnerships

Our relationships with GRC legal specialists and software vendors give us access to expertise on data sovereignty issues such as legislation, compliance, and privacy required to protect consumers and corporations today and tomorrow. For example, our trusted network of legal experts collaborates with us to ensure that we revise clients’ GRC policies properly in context of regulatory changes across all global regions.