Client Co-Creation Initiatives

Exploring Human-Centric, Next-Generation Solutions with Data and Intelligence


Ensuring Checking Area Safety at a Major International Airport


Tracing abandoned luggage owners without disrupting airport ops.


Lost and abandoned luggage was creating a domino effect for a major airline’s ground staff, who were tasked with trying to identify the owner, moving other passengers to adjacent terminals or even outside, calling in law enforcement, and delaying planes, which was negatively impacting revenue for airlines, retail, and the airport.


By leveraging Scout, we enabled the client to:


  • Locate luggage owners in seconds
  • Evaluate threats quickly
  • Take action without disrupting airport operations

Protecting Pets During Grooming at a Top 10 Global Pet Specialty Retailer


Ensuring pet health auditing and monitor-ing during grooming.


Pet safety and customer satisfaction is our client’s business. They wanted to ensure processes were being followed and that pets were being returned to their owners after grooming in a calm and composed state to enhance customer loyalty while also avoiding any claims regarding pet mistreatment, which are a high liability.


Centific leveraged our Scout Computer Vision platform, enabling our client to:

  • Improve customer loyalty
  • Track groomer performance
  • Facilitate training for new staff
  • Provide immediate feedback to in-store staff and management

Preventing In-store Shrink at a Top North American Retailer


Protecting bottom-line sales from repeat store theft.


The pandemic was driving an increase in theft in some of our client’s stores. In-store as-sociates were stretched thin and didn’t have full visibility into how the client planned to address the problem. Moreover, customers were growing increasingly concerned by safety issues and con-stant shrink related to out of stocks.


We used our Scout platform to help the client grow its store coverage by connecting existing cameras, enabling the client to:


  • Understand customer behaviors in real time
  • Notify in-store staff immediately of potential risks
  • Reduce the bottom-line impact by 43 percent

Smart Solutions to Make Life Easier

Solving today’s industry-specific challenges with tomorrow's cognitive technology

Intelligent Asset Protection

Intelligent Asset Protection

Behavior-based insights ​that drive frictionless store experiences

Powered by computer vision technology and self-learning behavior anomaly detection, Scout helps retailers reduce shrink, optimize operations, strengthen customer loyalty, and protect their bottom line.

Forecasting, Demand & Promotion Planning

Forecasting, Demand & Promotion Planning

Actionable analytics that deliver impact at scale

Meerkat is an all-in-one demand, pricing, and promotions planning cloud platform that gives users the ability to deliver the right product, at the right moment, at the right price, simultaneously delivering financial value for your stakeholders.

Digital Auditing & Shelf Intelligence

Digital Auditing & Shelf Intelligence

Immediate insights to optimize productivity and drive customer conversion

Lighthouse is an intelligent retail execution and insights platform that cuts in-store auditing time and delivers real-time, actionable insights to accelerate audits and boost retail efficiencies.

Advanced Anomaly Detection

Advanced Anomaly Detection

AI-powered data anomaly detection that prioritizes agility and problem solving

Focusing on anomalies to expose unusual patterns, deviations, or exceptions, Sherlock automatically detects abnormalities and prompt immediate correction, at scale.

A woman wearing a hi-vis cover and a hard hat examining warehouse inventory levels in augmented reality.

Global Experience Assessment

Global Experience Assessment

In-market intelligence to unlock opportunities across your global landscape

Dragonfly is an intelligent, people-powered solution that assesses your brand at scale, delivering local market intelligence and persona-based insights on your global customer experience.

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Deliver intelligent omnichannel experiences that set yourself ahead of the pack.


Intelligent RetailOps

Optimize operations, improve visibility, and reduce loss with AI-powered solutions.


Data-Driven Decision Making

Enable and advance AI initiatives with the right training data, at scale.


Smart Supply Chains

Leverage unparalleled degrees of visibility, transparency and automation.

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