An AI-Enabled Platform for Operational Excellence

Scout is an AI-powered, self-learning behavior anomaly detection engine that uses computer vision technology and comprehensive pattern recognition algorithms to detect, analyze, and interpret people's real-time movements in physical spaces. Supported by an integrated insights platform that delivers personalized and prescriptive analytics in real-time, Scout intuitively alerts your team to events before they escalate.


SCOUT In Action:

Proactively address shrink, safety, and service by empowering existing cameras with AI. Understand customer behavior, detect fraud, and identify on-premises hazards before the can impact operations.

Proactively address shrink, safety, and service at scale

  • Shrink Protection

    Protect your bottom line by detecting theftfraud, and damage and sending proactive alerts to operations personnel in real-time.

    • How do I stop shrink before it gets to the POS?
    • Can I proactively intervene in cases of product deterioration?
    • How can I detect a gift card being activated without a customer present?
  • Workplace Safety

    • How much product do I need to meet the demand for Thanksgiving?
    • How will my YoY consumption be when I lap Covid effects?
  • Customer Satisfaction

    Improve loyalty by ensuring a quick response to customer needs while improving their journey quality.

    • How can I detect Customer dwell and need for assistance?
    • How can I understand my customer journey and how it happens in my store?
    • How can I distort my workforce onto more value-added tasks?

A Radical Approach to Embedded Legacy Systems

Scout monitors customer behavior to minimize shrink, create a safer environment, and improve CSAT.

Proactive Loss Prevention

  • High –accuracy prevention algorithm
  • Real-time alerts that mitigate shrink
  • Self-Learning AI with Human in the Loop

Intuitive Customer Experiences

  • Customer dwell time reduction
  • Prioritization of high-value tasks
  • More visibility into customer confusion and frustration

Intelligent Store Operations

  • Real-time view of customer heat maps
  • Integrated shopper behavior in CSAT and NPS calculation
  • P&L leakage drivers and mitigation actions
  • GDPR an PII compliance