Just the Ticket: An AIOps Approach to IT Support

An automated routing system helps the IT team’s time and talents stretch further at a major ISV.
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IT Support is a thankless job at the best of times. Facing a barrage of support tickets – and limited resources available to manage the workload – a major software vendor was feeling the heat from its global workforce. 

That’s where Centific stepped in. Diving deep into the support team’s needs, we created an Intelligent Customer Experience to automate responses to routine inquiries and free up scarce resources for other critical tasks.

Solution Highlights

  • Our solution enables automated responses to routine requests.
  • Natural language processing parses questions and pulls the relevant answer from the knowledge base.
  • Our approach achieved an up to 30% reduction in manual IT intervention.

Automated Routing for Routine Requests

Many IT questions are routine – someone just has to point the user to the right answer. But when the same routine questions are asked dozens or hundreds of times, the time needed to answer them adds up. And if IT resources are pulled away to address more urgent work, users get frustrated.

Our Intelligent Customer Experience solution uses AI to manage these common, routine requests, easing the burden on the IT department.

The System with the Answers

When a user sends an email, the system parses the user’s question using natural language processing. Once the system has identified the topic, it runs an intelligent search through a pre-populated knowledge base. After finding most relevant answer in the knowledge base, it replies – again, by email – without any manual intervention from IT whatsoever.

A Powerful Time-Saver

  • Our solution reduced manual intervention by up to 40% - time freed up for other IT priorities.
  • The system achieved an accuracy rate of 80% in matching customer questions to the client's knowledge set.

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