Smarter Anomaly Detection with AI Ops

When web security issues come in fast and furious, a regional telco stays ahead of the game with an assist from Centific.
Silhouette of a person against a backdrop of glowing data analytics screens.

Cybersecurity starts with fast and effective anomaly detection. But too many false positives can overwhelm teams and leave them desensitized to the real threats. Our client, a regional telecommunications company, needed a better approach. 

For our client, spotting abnormal website behavior was key to flagging potential security issues. Building on a strong foundation of data, we delivered a superior experience on the dimensions that matter.

Solution Highlights

  • Centific’s solution synthesizes and scores training data from a range of sources.
  • An intuitive user experience helps engineers quickly prioritize the most significant anomalies.
  • Engineers are presented with options for further action, accelerating resolution.

Timely, Accurate Data

Our first priority was getting the right information into the hands of engineers. Our solution integrates and scores streaming data from a range of sources. The solution automatically flags, identifies, and logs novelties or deviations from the norm in user activity, for potential human review and action.

Better UX, Smarter Response

Our solution doesn’t just tell engineers what might be wrong. It organizes that information for a fast, effective response.

When an anomaly is logged, the system clusters and color-codes it on the scatter chart according to its deviation from normal user behavior. Major anomalies – the most likely security threats – display brighter and appear and higher on the chart.

With this graphical interface, an engineer can quickly prioritize, drill down with a click into the location, IP, and the nature of the anomaly, and review their options for further actions.

Achieving Clarity of Vision

Our client’s new tools have helped them achieve the critical balance in cybersecurity between clear priorities and comprehensive visibility. Our solution enables a swift, organized response to potential malicious activity.

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